The SableVM Project

A robust, clean, easy to maintain and extend, extremely portable, efficient, and specification-compliant Java virtual machine.



SableVM implements many innovative techniques including:
  • 3 flavors of threaded interpretation (switched, threaded and inlined),
  • bidirectional object layout,
  • spinlock-free thin locks,
  • sparse interface vtables,
  • low-cost maps for precise garbage collection.

SableVM is able to run many applications and benchmarks, including multi-threaded programs, but it is limited by the current state of the class libraries, and occasionally lacks VM support for some class library features.

SableVM is known to reliably run non-trivial applications like SableCC 2.17.3 and Soot 1.2.3, among many others.

SableVM has been ported to many architectures, including (non-exhaustive list) the following architectures under Debian GNU/Linux: alpha, arm, i386, ia64, m68k, powerpc, s390, sparc, hppa. It is also known to work on FreeBSD/i386, Mac OS X, Cygwin and a few others.

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SableVM is a free, open source, and clean room Java virtual machine available under the terms of GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)